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    Personal Stories

    Be touched by the true accounts of women who have gone through personal hardships yet strengthened themselves with the Rebbe's advice to triumph over their suffering.

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    Read about accomplished Breslov Women, their memories of older Breslov Chassidim, and how they practically live their lives with a connection to the Rebbe...

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    Get inspired by powerful poetry based on R' Nachman's insight. The prose pulls at the strings of your soul, and leaves you with a warm feeling inside, subtly injecting the Rebbe's wisdom into us.

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    Women's Views

    See responses from Breslov women around the world

    (and add your own views!)

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  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations based on the Rebbe's light.

    One morning in Yerushalayim, R’ Eliyahu Roth approached someone before Shacharis and offered him...
    February 17, 2021 · Purim
      Purim, the happy, giddy, day. The candy streams endlessly, the wine and emotions flow freely....
    February 17, 2021 · Likutei Halachos,Timely insight,Purim
    Challenge: Where do we find Haman in the Torah? Hint: To find the Devil, look for Evil. The...
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  • About Rays

    Rays is a project which was set up to channel Rebbe Nachman's rays of light directly into the women, as a response to the Rebbe's question: Why don't you make your wives chassidistes?  

    Since the average Breslov English-speaking woman cannot access the Rebbe's light through learning his sefarim, we've launched the Breslov Family Magazine, which is focused on bringing down the Rebbe's teachings, conversations, stories, hischazkus and life to a level which every woman can understand and relate to, in its pure, undiluted form.

    The Rays Team

    We have a dedicated group of writers who work on a voluntary basis to promote the Rebbe's teachings, motivated by Reb Nosson's urging that 'your main work should be to spread the Rebbe's light; you should be strong with money, desire, and toil.'

    Our Goal

    Our aim is to spread the Rebbe's light to the entire world, so that all women across the globe will be able to access the Rebbe's teachings, hischazkus and essence, using it to improve their lives and that of those around them, until the entire world will come to its complete correction.